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The End is Fear is an outlaw collection designed by and for the wolfpack.The proof that, when we howl together, we stand up to fear.

Today we launch Lorenzo Cavolini’s TEIF design. Lorenzo is the head of ELL Milano and made this rad piece which embodies perfectly the spirit of El Solitario and the times we are living.


To better understand Lorenzo Cavolini's vision and the concept behind The End is Fear collection we made him the following questions:

Q: What is your greatest fear?
A: Loose

Q: What is the meaning of your design?
A: It came from a “handle with care” shipping label seen on a trashed box. Dead man’s hands are carrying the running wolf while the moon is evolving its phases.

Death, freedom, time.
You cannot cheat death or escape the ticking of time, but you can try to achieve your own personal freedom, and if you are able to find it, you got to protect it, you got to handle it with care because it will be the only *thing (* place, person, tool, machine, sport, etc..) that will truly save your mind from this ill world we live in.

Q: What is your preferred trick to overcome fear and push yourself into the unknown?
A: It is in the design.