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Collection: Alpha Industries x El Solitario

Alpha Industries is synonymous with garments trusted by soldiers, sailors and aviators to protect them from the most dire conditions across land, sea and air. This is what has always attracted El Solitario and its founders to the Alpha brand. Aligning El Solitario’s disruptive ethos with Alpha’s iconic military functionality brings something unique and full of purpose in today’s ubiquitous streetwear scene.

In the era of void consumerism and escalating surveillance by government agencies and corporations, for El Solitario the function of these military style garments is changed from combat preparedness to 21st century utility, supporting individual liberties and creative freedom in the modern standardized society.

Black outside and solid white inside. El Solitario Alpha Wolf lets you choose between the secretive power of black and the pure calmness of white, both sides with slash pockets. The color black relates to the hidden. The secretive and the unknown, as as a result it creates an air of mystery. Gives protection from external emotional stress. What black covers, white uncovers. White reflects amplifying everything on it's way.


  • Alpha Wolf Reversible Jacket
    Alpha Wolf Reversible Jacket
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