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The End is Fear is an outlaw collection designed by and for the wolfpack.
The proof that, when we howl together, we stand up to fear.

Drop Type 0004 designed by Andrés Cardona, as indomitable as brutal, comes out today.

Understand the artist's vision and THE END IS FEAR CONCEPT with the Q&A below.

Q: What is your greatest fear?

A: My greatest fear would be losing... Losing my freedom, losing my loved ones and feeling locked up are definitely my worst fears.


Q: What is the meaning of your design?

A: The dogs featured in my design taught me numerous lessons during the confinement. Driven by their instincts, the most important thing for them is to protect their own freedom above anything else. This image represents that savage instinct, even that darkest instinct to protect freedom no matter what we are forced to do.


Q: What is your preferred trick to overcome fear and push yourself into the unknown?

A: I use fear as an impulse to break the idea of not knowing what comes next, to know that I can overcome whatever barrier I usually put there myself. Many times risking a lot, making radical decisions and others simply letting myself be carried away by the flow of events.