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Introducing E.S. Fender

Introducing E.S. Fender: Our vision on how a Woman's Leather Jacket should be.

Cut in a slightly-ballooned silhouette, E.S. Fender´s poised take carries with it a louche, a flow that never fails to look well put-together. Given a high-shine finish, this jacket is kept versatile with its clean-cut silhouette and taut, straight lines.

The wolf brand was shaped through the lens of Kristina Fender and there is not one day that we don´t think about her. Sometimes it is just a split second, others we catch ourselves daydreaming, asking what she'd think about this or that. Too fast to live and too young to die. A shooting star gone too soon. Our dear Fender, you will always be alive in our heads and continue with your finger up rocking forward through our legacy. The day we made a woman´s leather jacket it had to follow her lineage and we had to name it after her. Because what's cooler, what's more achingly fresh than a perfectly fitted biker jacket?