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El Solitario’s ultimate Women’s Motorcycle Leather Pants. A decade after our classic Rascals have traveled across the globe, we have come out with their female counterpart. Specifically designed for female riders and built with our with our Nappa leather - celebrated for its outstanding durability, lightness and gracious suppleness - these are the pants that will let you forget any nuisance, sit back and focus on how to tackle the next corner or avoiding that pothole threatening to outbound you.

Photo: Maxwell Aurelien James


When buying an El Solitario leather piece you are buying the most exclusive and sophisticated motorcycle leathers ever produced and a piece of our history. El Solitario leathers are hand made locally in our atelier and only 3 persons touch, cut and sew our pieces, making them unique masterpieces of art, form and technique. This also means we can't have much stock and, although most orders are shipped within 4/5 days, exceptionally your order could take a couple of weeks. 

Our extraordinary production system also means that we can make your bespoke pants or jackets, so if you feel you need something even more special or exclusive, please contact us. 

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