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El Solitario is proud to introduce to all of you the ultimate daredevils to join our Wolfpack: the Anker Company. All the way from Saint Petersburg – in Russia – they’re a wild bunch of friends that surf the coldest waves and ride bikes knowing that there is nothing better in this life so why not grab all the fun while we’re still alive.

За здоровье!

Egor “The Knife”. Saint Petersburg. July 2021

We always had love for the motorcycle. Building bikes, traveling, doing Mx… but flat track was a real game changer for us. We built 3 flat trackers – A Soviet IZH Planeta Sport; a Triumph T120R and a Kawasaki KX450 – when we found an old speedway track 300kms away from Moscow.


As the Summer is only 3 months in Russia we discovered winter ice flat track racing and that’s how we got to Baikal. The worlds biggest and deepest Lake in East Siberia, near Mongolia.
Locals were talking stories of people falling in thawed patches and seriously warned us not to ride out.  But we had our bikes loaded and nothing could stop us.
2 days of sliding nonstop. The ice situation got worse every hour and after I almost got caught in the huge crack we decided to stop. It was scary like hell hearing all the breaking noises under the wheels but it was worth it.