Mercs Design T-shirt - TEIF

Mercs Design T-shirt - TEIF

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2020 was the year we thought we were going to get what we wanted and instead was the year we learned to appreciate what we had. 

A wink of an eye, the sizzle of a good meal with our loved ones, the freedom to breathe in the wild...

The End Is Fear is the most beautiful initiative we’ve been able to share with you so far and we want to make something unforgettable with it.

The original idea behind the THE END IS FEAR Instagram Design Contest - back in March 2020 - was to pick one design and make it into a real wolf product, but due to the quality and the significance of your response we decided to make it into a whole collection with 13 pieces.

Looking at the +200 designs we’ve received, the wolves can’t otherwise but be grounded, humble and impressed with the feelings, talent and good vibes coming from all over the globe. 

Heavy weight 100% natural cotton t-shirt with design at front by Matthieu Mercury (@MERCSDESIGN).

 You’ve spoken, we’ve listened.

The New El Solitario T-Shirts are now made with heavier cotton, are shorter, have slightly wider sleeves and a closer neck.