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Climate Terror T-shirt
Climate Terror T-shirt
Climate Terror T-shirt
Climate Terror T-shirt
Climate Terror T-shirt

Climate Terror T-shirt

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"There is no evidence of motorcycles in the after life,

so we’ve decided to ride every day like if it was the last!

Policymakers and the public hate us because we don’t obey and make noise.

These two truths were enough now to try and blame on us the loss of our ecosystems.

Converting Adventurers into wildlife terrorists.

Banning our presence in the mountains, deserts and forests

But you know what?

Climate terrorists you can call us

but nobody loves nature more than us

and we will wear that badge, with pride.

Patrolling and denouncing how you vandalize our habitats, not the turning of our wheels nor the emissions of our tiny single cylinders

We want to get so lost that even the GPS quits in a puff of smoke.

We want to jump into rivers, so cold, that our balls disappear for months.

Also want to drink whisky around the fire, while camping under the stars.

This is our plan

and nobody is going to stop us."  


Part of El Solitario SS21 Collection

Heavy weight 100% natural cotton t-shirt in white with design at front and back

New T-Shirts with heavier cotton, are shorter, have slightly wider sleeves and a closer neck. 

El Solitario®️  Apparel is ethically produced cut and sewn in Portugal using 100% organic cotton.